Copper (in our) Veins

Copper (in our) Veins is a collaborative project between Siobhan Miles-Moore and Jessica Elleray. Responding to recent conservation work undertaken on Coniston’s Copper Mine sites, the artists created a body of work reflecting on their deepening understanding of the mines. The work is presented here in an exhibition and in a heritage trail in the valley which maps the underground (and unseen) landscape. The sculptural way-markers tell the stories of those who lived and worked there, whilst bringing back to the valley that tell-tale copper gleam that first drew miners to the landscape in the 16th century. Copper (in our) Veins is a project which opens discussion around conservation and consumption, changes how we perceive the land beneath our feet and questions our perceptions of ‘rural’. The project mirrors the life-cycle of Coniston copper, from the valley to the village and finally the museum – reflecting on the reciprocity of relationships.
The exhibition brings context to the outdoor work, expanding on the narrative, providing details and insight into the artist’s personal experiences and stories. From here, the project will continue to develop as the artists collect stories and memories from others and invite them to participate in reflecting on the special history of this place.
The work is on display in the Copper Mines Valley and Ruskin Museum from August 10th 2019 – October 6th 2019. There are also a number of workshops running as part of the exhibition. For live details, follow our project Facebook Page. A selection of paintings and sculptures are shown below in the gallery. You can also watch the video commissioned for the project on youtube, here.

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