Silverdale Flora

What started as an exploration into the potential of flowers and foliage as texture, became an ongoing project exploring the flora local to my area. Living in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, there is a lot to appreciate in the landscape. Now, not only do I wonder at the vast seascape, but also at the small purple flowers that cling to the rocks in the face of fast in-coming tides. I spot the unusual orchids in the sheep fields, and the wild flowers that have seeded themselves in gardens across the village. It can be all too easy to notice the big, epic vistas and miss these tiny, precious moments. This collection seeks to explore our moments of connection with the smaller facets of nature.

armenian grape hyacinth
Primrose I
green winged orchid
birma daffodils
Primrose II
wild garlic
tete a tete cyclamineus daffodil
bridal double daffodil
winter leaf
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